Mark Clarke is the Music & Arts Pastor at a church in Virginia. Mark’s journey in music began when he was 5 years old living in Brooklyn New York. He sang alongside his sisters at the local church where his family attended and where he received Jesus as his Lord and savior. As he grew physically so did his passion for music. The church’s Music Minister, as well as a professional guitarist who also attended there quickly recognized his love for music.  Both men took him on as a protégé and taught him piano and guitar. In his late teens he became the main musician for the church.

Mark’s inspiration and love for music is a great tool God uses in his life as a worship leader. His recent single, "In the Garden", is his own contemporary arrangement of the 1912 hymn by C. Austin Miles. His current album, Journey, is a 10-song compilation of wonderfully crafted original music. His latest single, "Down From Heaven", infuses both pop and rock styles to deliver a soulful melody and a thought provoking theme. Mark's smooth and soulful voice will warm your spirit and the lyrics will encourage you in your walk with God. 

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