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  • Mark Clarke

Purpose and Meaningful Life

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

I don’t know how people live without God today. The world is so desperate for meaning and purpose. People are trying hard to make life count and find something that matters. I’m convinced that this desperation is why suicide rates are so high. Jesus has brought meaning and purpose to my life. He has made this short life worth living. Everything God has established is still beautiful and lovely. But we only experience things that way when we use them the way He intended. Work, love, recreation, relationships, marriage, friendship, sex, goals.. you name it. All the things that are being twisted into awful, hideous things are still quite beautiful and meaningful when done within God’s parameters. God even sent his son, Jesus, to take care of humanity’s biggest problem which is death. Having a relationship with Jesus promises eternal life after we die. The knowledge that God has placed such a high value on us as human beings brings joy to life. It adds validation that so many are seeking. It makes life worth living.

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